Provide advice to businesses on how to optimize energy and resource use, reduce waste and implement environmental protection measures.

Our Services

Minmax Green provides consulting services and sustainable solutions to help businesses achieve their emissions reduction goals and move towards Net Zero.


Green building consulting

Providing innovative solutions and strategies to build environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings, helping businesses optimize resource use to minimize energy consumption. Minmax Green is committed to supporting construction projects towards a green and sustainable future.


Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG)

Minmax Green accompanies businesses in the process of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, providing effective solutions to measure, quantify, and reduce carbon emissions, etc. in their business activities.

Report greenhouse gas emissions

Consulting services for preparing an organization's greenhouse gas emissions report according to TCVN ISO 14064-1. We will advise, guide, and support human resource training so that customers can confidently conduct greenhouse gas inventories, determine the emission levels of their businesses/organizations, and then propose actions. The right actions contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and net zero emissions (including government-required greenhouse gas emissions reporting by 2025).

Consulting on reducing carbon emissions

Establish, manage, monitor and report greenhouse gas emission reduction/removal projects according to ISO 14064-2 standards.

Carbon Footprint for products

Providing consulting services, guidance and human resource training support to help businesses self-report/publish Carbon Footprints for their products/services according to ISO 14067 standards Self-implementing this announcement not only helps organizations/businesses reduce costs but also helps businesses master the implementation process and can deploy it for their entire product/service system quickly. precise and methodical way.

Carbon neutral process

Carry out carbon neutrality declaration according to international standards PAS 2060/ ISO 14068.


Sustainable development report

Minmax Green is your partner in comprehensive ESG implementation. Minmax Green understands that environmental responsibility is a standard of sustainable development strategy. Our services cover all ESG standards, helping businesses adopt ethical business practices, promote social responsibility and achieve strong governance standards.



Minmax Green offers specialized training programs designed to equip businesses with the knowledge and skills needed to implement and maintain sustainable practices. Helps businesses understand emission reduction strategies and comply with required regulations.

Carbon Footprint Training

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Training

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