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Greenhouse Gas Inventory - Responsibility or Opportunity?


Aiming for the Net Zero goal by 2050, the Government and ministries of Vietnam have strongly implemented plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Build a legal framework for businesses to proactively inventory greenhouse gases and reduce carbon emissions. 

All manufacturing and exporting enterprises need to start taking responsibility for the Greenhouse Gas Inventory according to the roadmap, Comply with specific Decrees, Regulations and Circulars on Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report that the Government and State agencies have issued: 

3000+ Emitting establishments and enterprises must conduct periodic greenhouse gas inventories from 2023
6 Sectors must have greenhouse gas inventories in 2024

To join the trend of sustainable development in the period of economic integration, every business needs to build production and business plans to minimize impact on the environment. The greenhouse gas inventory report is not only a responsibility and obligation that businesses need to carry out, it is also an important step for businesses to position their brand, Increase competitive advantage in the supply chain, towards a sustainable development cycle. In addition, greenhouse gas inventory and emission reduction are also the key for individuals, businesses participate in the international export market, and is a premise for individuals and businesses to target the potential carbon credit business market!


PREPARING GREENHOUSE GAS INVENTORY REPORT ACCORDING TO ISO 14064-1:2018 is a program developed and implemented by Minmax Green - a reputable unit in the field of providing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Carbon neutral for Vietnamese businesses. Minmax Green's GREENHOUSE GAS INVENTORY REPORT TRAINING COURSE will support businesses and production facilities to fully equip the knowledge, Necessary skills to prepare a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory report according to Decree 06/2022 of the Government, promoting the development of business capacity of enterprises in the integration cycle!


Overview Introduction

Issues surrounding greenhouse gas inventories.

Latest summary

Regarding greenhouse gas inventory regulations.

Approach - Practice

Greenhouse gas inventory methods.

Detailed instructions

How to prepare a Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report.


Individuals and businesses must report on a greenhouse gas inventory, in the list of fields and establishments emitting greenhouse gases that need to be inventoried.

Individuals and businesses with goods exported to the EU market.

Individuals and businesses are interested in and need basic knowledge about carbon credits, reducing carbon emissions, greening production solutions, energy autonomy,...

5 reasons for you to join this course

Comply with legal regulations: Participating in a training course is a quick step for individuals and businesses to approach, learn, and Have good skills in Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report, thereby complying with legal regulations.
Improve brand value: Learning and practicing greenhouse gas inventory reports is not only an obligation, but also an opportunity to increase the reputation and competitiveness of businesses in the marketplace.
Build foundational knowledge: The training course will help students have a solid knowledge base and a comprehensive perspective on Processes - Methods - Tools for measuring and reporting greenhouse gas inventories.
Inventory reporting application: Students can apply knowledge into practice with the dedicated guidance of a team of experts in the field.
Capacity improvement - Experience: The course helps you improve your capacity and optimize the greenhouse gas inventory process effectively.

What will students receive after the course?

  • Training certificate Prepare greenhouse gas inventory report of Minmax Green.
  • Key insights into the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report, which can be applied in practice. 
  • Master how to calculate and inventory greenhouse gases (identify emission sources, collect data,...) 
  • Develop options and plans to prepare greenhouse gas inventory reports. 
  • Use calculation support tools in greenhouse gas inventory tasks. 
  • Understand the Government's latest regulations on greenhouse gas inventory, ensure reporting compliance with regulations.  
  • Identify emission sources and quantify enterprise emissions. 
  • Greening production, providing practical solutions and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Mr. Thuy Nguyen Hung


  • Graduated from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  • Has more than 13 years of experience in the construction field 
  • Participate in training, workshops, and seminars related to construction, greenhouse gases, and carbon credits.
  • Greenhouse Gas Professional
  • LEED Green Building Consultant (LEED Green Associate)

“Investment” for
“green future” of the business

In parallel with the goal of committing to net emissions of “0” by 2050, Vietnam is also considered an attractive destination for international green capital with a legal environment being perfected, Production facilities and businesses are also making serious efforts to implement the State's regulations on greenhouse gases, Applying an effective circular business model,...

Proactively building a knowledge base and proactively improving skills on Greenhouse Gas Inventory is a great advantage for businesses. and is a long-term investment for the sustainable development of the business in the future integration cycle.

Minmax Green - Accompanying businesses
on the sustainable journey

Minmax Green is a provider of calculation solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Carbon neutral for businesses in Vietnam. With love, respect, and responsibility towards the environment, community and society, Minmax Green has implemented many successful projects, Together with businesses, take green transformation steps, aiming for the goal of NetZero 2050.

With a team of dedicated experts and specialists, we are constantly making efforts to research, offering the most effective solutions to manage greenhouse gas emissions, helping businesses save maximum costs, increasing brand value, moving towards a sustainable green future.

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