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Consulting on Sustainable Green Building Practices is Increasingly Garnering Attention from both Large and Small Companies

Consulting on sustainable green building practices is increasingly garnering attention as companies, both large and small, seek to direct their operations, management, and enterprise development towards a sustainable future. Many businesses have realized that operating with a focus on sustainable development is an effective approach to attracting new clients while maintaining their existing customer base. It can be said that capitalizing on the benefits of green building contributes to market share growth and the creation of competitive advantages for firms. Recognizing this, MinMax Green, as a specialist in green building consultancy for individuals and businesses, offers effective solutions that aid in the rational deployment of green building investments and the optimization of construction performance.

Green building consulting solutions for sustainable development of businesses

What Are Green Buildings?

As defined by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), a green building is one that maximizes efficiency in construction and operation, while minimizing negative environmental impacts. They are designed to produce positive effects on the environment and climate, while concurrently reducing detrimental impacts on human health.

What is green building?

Currently, the Consultation of Green Building Practices Involves an Evaluation from Design to Completion and Operation Based on Various Criteria

At present, the consultation of green building practices involves a comprehensive evaluation that spans from design to completion and operation, and is based on various criteria. Generally, these evaluation standards revolve around five primary elements:

• Energy

• Sustainable Site Development

• Materials and Waste

• Water

• Indoor Air Quality

When a green building meets these established criteria, it confers considerable benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, economic viability, and social responsibility. Moreover, a green building can yield cost savings during operations and enhance the property's overall value.

Current Solutions for Green Building Consultation

Today's solutions for green building consultation aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and protect the environment. Specifically, the solutions encompass:

Green building solutions

Contemporary Tools for Building Assessment

In Vietnam, there are six tools for green building assessment, as follows:

• LEED: This assessment tool is from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

• LOTUS: This is the assessment tool of the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).

• GREENMARK: Developed by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA).

• EDGE: An assessment tool from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

• WELL: Certified by the Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI).

• WELL: The WELL Building Standard's assessment criteria.

• FITWEL: Developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. General Services Administration.

Benefits of Green Building Consultation Services Provided by MinMax Green

Benefits of using green building consulting services

MinMax Green stands as a strategic advisor in sustainable green building for businesses, offering a plethora of benefits, including:

  • Guidance from our team of seasoned experts, who assist companies in enhancing their awareness and deeper understanding of product life cycles, thereby rationalizing their production and business operations to curtail costs.

  • Long-term optimization of business production processes through the identification of energy expenditures and the effective reduction of energy consumption.

  • Support in the endeavor to diminish the use of harmful substances that negatively impact human health and the environment.

  • The ability for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to environmental and social responsibility, bolstering their competitive edge in the marketplace.

With years of experience in the realm of green building, MinMax Green presents itself as a reliable ally for businesses on the path to long-standing development. Should you require green building consultation, please contact us immediately via our hotline for prompt assistance.


Through the green building consultation services provided by MinMax Green, businesses can effortlessly regulate, manage, and economize on costs in their operational processes without compromising the environment or human well-being. Consequently, companies can move closer to achieving sustainable development goals and elevating their brand value for the future.

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