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Greenhouse gas emissions reporting is currently a topic of keen interest among businesses. In accordance with Decree 06/2022/ND-CP and Decision 01/2022/QD-TTg, the government has issued a list of sectors and facilities required to inventory their greenhouse gas emissions. Consequently, approximately 3,000 facilities are obliged to monitor and comply with this new decree, aiming to achieve the nation's sustainable development goals in the future.

Recognizing the significance of this mandate, MinMax Green has compiled essential information businesses must know regarding these greenhouse gas inventory reports.

Learn about greenhouse gas emissions reporting

What are greenhouse gas emissions?

When the Sun's rays illuminate the Earth's surface, they reflect long-wave (infrared) radiation, simultaneously dispersing heat across the planet. Greenhouse gas emissions refer to gases capable of absorbing the infrared radiation reflected from the Earth's surface. The most prevalent greenhouse gases currently include CO2, water vapor, N2O, CH4, O3, and CFCs.

What are greenhouse gas emissions?

Why is Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Necessary?

Businesses are required to conduct greenhouse gas emissions reporting for the following two reasons:

Legally Mandated Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

As per Decision 01/2022/QD-TTg, enacted on January 18, 2022, by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh, sectors and facilities that emit greenhouse gases are obligated to perform inventories and report their emissions. This directive is a pivotal measure aimed at curbing emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect, thereby bolstering the fight against climate change.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting as Client Requirements

Brands are currently implementing management programs or tools to control the sourcing of raw materials from enterprises, ensuring compliance with specified greenhouse gas emissions regulations. Some of the widely utilized management programs/tools include the TCVN ISO 14064-1:2011 standard, the Higg FEM 3.0, GRS 4.0, GOTS 6.0, among others.

Which Facilities Are Required to Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

The facility needs to inventory greenhouse gases

According to Decision 01/2022/QĐ-TTg, six sectors are mandated to conduct greenhouse gas inventories: Energy, Transport, Construction, Industrial Processes, Agriculture - Forestry and Land Use, and Waste. Specifically, facilities responsible for emissions exceeding 3,000 tons of CO2 or falling into the following categories must report:

  • Thermal power plants, industrial manufacturing facilities with an annual total energy consumption of 1,000 tons of oil equivalent (TOE) or more.

  • Transportation companies handling freight with an annual total fuel consumption of 1,000 TOE or more.

  • Commercial buildings with an annual total energy consumption from 1,000 TOE or more.

  • Solid waste treatment facilities with an annual operating capacity of 65,000 tons or more.

MinMax Green Specializes in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Consulting Services

If you're in search of a professional consulting service to prepare greenhouse gas emissions reports in accordance with TCVN ISO 14064-1 standards, MinMax Green should not be overlooked. We stand as a specialized consultancy, providing guidance and support for workforce training, enabling enterprises to quantify emissions and conduct greenhouse gas inventories independently. 

Consulting and training support for greenhouse gas inventory

Consequently, businesses can embark on tailored actions toward the goal of carbon neutrality and net-zero emissions, aligning with the Government's 2025 requirement for greenhouse gas emissions reporting. If your business encounters challenges in reporting greenhouse gas emissions, reach out to us promptly for expeditious advice and support.

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