Training on greenhouse gas emissions

Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Emissions Training - Carbon Footprint for Enterprises

The greenhouse gas emissions training program, carbon footprint, is increasingly receiving attention from organizations and businesses. This is especially the case after the issuance of Decree No. 06/2022/NĐ-CP on January 7, 2022, and Decision No. 01/2022/QĐ-TTg on January 18, 2022 by the Government regarding the regulation of reporting and auditing greenhouse gas emissions inventory. The basic and meticulous training programs are gaining attention, aiding organizations and enterprises in addressing challenges in this year's greenhouse gas inventory auditing process.


                         Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Emissions Training - Carbon Footprint for Enterprises

Why Should You Consider Enrolling in a Comprehensive Greenhouse Gas Emissions Training Course?

Climate change poses significant challenges for nations, businesses, and citizens in the coming decades. The consequences of climate change can have a profound impact on resources, the economy, and livelihoods. To minimize these effects, it is crucial to implement programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and businesses have implemented numerous measures to mitigate greenhouse gases, while also developing adaptive solutions to address this situation.


Training on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

However, to develop and implement efficient greenhouse gas emissions reduction programs, we need to rely on the results of emissions inventories, monitoring, and reporting.

Currently, the ISO 14064-1 standard has been issued, providing principles and requirements for quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions at the organization level, including requirements for design, management, reporting, and the role of organizations in greenhouse gas inventories.

Nevertheless, not all enterprises and organizations fully understand how to properly implement and comply with these standards within the scope of their production and business activities. Therefore, comprehensive training programs on greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, have been developed to help enterprises accurately and strictly comply with these regulations.

The individuals who should participate in the greenhouse gas emissions training course are as follows:

  • Individuals involved in planning and implementing greenhouse gas emissions inventories at manufacturing facilities, enterprises, or government authorities.
  • Training officers, leaders, environmental officers, and greenhouse gas inventory supervisors.
  • Carbon offset project managers or developers.
  • Investors aiming to develop sustainable enterprises in the future.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions assessors and appraisers.


The following entities should participate in greenhouse gas training courses

Minmax Green - The Perfect Selection for Your Enterprise.

Possessing a team of highly experienced professionals, Minmax Green boasts specialized training programs that are flexibly designed to equip enterprises with the requisite knowledge and skills for implementing and perpetuating sustainable practices. Through these specialized professional development courses, businesses will gain a comprehensive understanding of developing strategies and executing emission reduction efforts to ensure compliance with mandated regulations.


Organize MinMax Green's comprehensive training program for businesses

Advantages of choosing MinMax Green's training program:

  • A clear understanding of ISO 14064-1, the international standard for accounting and reporting GHG, to enhance the accuracy and reliability of the reporting process.
  • A program designed to align with the policies of the Vietnamese government on greenhouse gas emissions, ensuring compliance with both international and local standards.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and identification of emission sources and the development of effective greenhouse gas reduction strategies.
  • A flexible, adjustable program tailored to meet specific business requirements.

Through MinMax Green's training program, businesses are equipped with strong tools for the future of their organization, all of which are important and necessary knowledge for enterprises striving for sustainable development in the future. If you are interested in participating in this training course, please contact MinMax Green for timely assistance.

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